📌 Outline of the Learning

Expected Contents in my Documentation

📌 Outline of the Learning
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Hi!! ✈️

  • Before hopping with me on my learning journey of azure devops, find the possible content that you might come across as a part of my documentation.

  • The content will be updated accordingly with some mega projects to get our hands dirty. A lot of insights are guaranteed (Addiction is undoubted).

  • Motivation does: "Things that take longer to achieve last longer".

Table of Contents

  1. ➡️ Introduction to Azure

    • Cloud technology overview

    • Overview of Azure

    • Managing Azure with the Azure portal

    • Managing Azure with Windows PowerShell

    • Overview of Azure Resource Manager

    • Azure management services

  2. ➡️ Implementing and managing Azure networking

    • Overview of Azure networking

    • Implementing and managing Azure virtual networks

    • Configuring Azure virtual networks

    • Configuring Azure virtual network connectivity

    • Configuring the Subnets

    • Configuring Virtual Network Region Peering

    • Configuring Virtual Network Global Peering

    • Understanding Azure to On-Prem Connectivity

    • Deploying Azure Virtual Network Gateway.

    • Understanding User Defined Routes(UDR).

    • Configuring Azure Virtual Network Gateway with AWS over IPSec VPN.

    • Implementing Azure Service End Points.

  3. ➡️ Understanding and Configuring Network Security Groups(NSG)

    • Understanding Azure Network Security Groups(NSG)

    • Creating and Updating Inbound & Outbound Security Rules.

    • Understanding NSG Rule Hierarchy.

    • Testing Network Security Groups and learning rule priority.

    • Creating NSG Rules with Service tags.

    • Understanding Application Security Groups (ASG).

    • Creating NSG with Application Security Groups.

  4. ➡️ Understanding and Configuring Azure Firewall

    • Overview of Azure Firewall as a Service.

    • Creating UDR and AzureFirewallSubnet.

    • Deploy Azure Firewall.

    • Configure routing on UDR and assigning to subnets.

    • Create Network Rule Collection and check the traffic.

    • Create Application Rule Collection and block traffic to websites.

    • Understand SNAT and DNAT in Azure Firewall.

    • Creating DNAT for Azure machine using Azure Firewall.

  5. ➡️ Implementing & Configuring Azure Virtual Machines

    • Overview Azure virtual machines

    • Deploy virtual machines in Azure portal

    • Deploy virtual machines using Azure CLI

    • Managing Azure Virtual machine storage

    • Understanding Availability sets, Fault Domain & Update Domain.

    • Creating & placing virtual machines in Availability Sets.

  6. ➡️ Designing & Implementing Azure Load Balancing

    • Overview on Load Balancing

    • Type of Load Balancers in Azure

    • Basic Vs Standard Load Balancer

    • Deploying Basic Load Balancer with Availability Sets.

    • Creating Backend Pools, Health probes and Load Balance rules.

    • Checking the Load Balancing scenarios.

    • Configuring NAT using Basic Load Balancer.

  7. ➡️ Implement and configure Azure DNS & Azure Standard Load Balancer

    • Understanding Azure DNS.

    • Buying a domain name for Godaddy.com

    • Creating Azure DNS Zone and configuring it with Godaddy.

    • Creating 3 Availability Sets and placing a single virtual machine in each AVSet.

    • Create Azure Standard Load Balancer and create a backend pool and assign all the 3 AVSets.

    • Check the Load Balancing between the servers in different AV-Sets.

    • Create Host Records for Server and check the name resolution.

    • Create the CNAME record for the Load Balancer and check the website resolution.

  8. ➡️ Configuring Azure Application gateway

    • Understanding Azure Application Gateway architecture.

    • Understanding Path Based Routing in AGW.

    • Creating multiple VMs and configuring application gateway.

    • Configuring the SSL Off-loading on Application gateway.

    • Check pathing based routing using AGW.

  9. ➡️ Configuring Auto Scaling with Virtual Machine Scale Sets(VMSS)

    • Understanding Azure VMSS

    • Creating a Azure VM Image for VMSS

    • Deploy VMSS with the custom image.

    • Performing stress testing on the VMSS.

    • Check AutoScaling of VMs under stress testing

  10. ➡️ Planning and implementing Azure Storage

    • Azure Storage account overview

    • Understand Blob Storage

    • Understand File Shares

    • Configuring Azure FileSync

    • Data migration using Azure storage explorer

    • Manage Azure Storage permissions

    • Azure Static Website deployment

    • Custom domains

  11. ➡️ Configure and Manage Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

    • Backup and disaster recovery overview

    • Backup VMware Servers to Azure

    • Backup Azure VM & Azure SQL instances

    • Azure replication and failover groups

    • Azure disaster recovery vault configuration

    • How to implement full BCDR strategy

  12. ➡️ Planning and implementing Azure SQL Database

    • Azure SQL database(PaaS) vs SQL database (IaaS)

    • Structured vs Unstructured data

    • DTUs - Azure SQL

    • RUs – Azure Cosmos DB

    • Azure SQL Global Replication and Failover Groups

    • Azure MySQL Deployment

  13. ➡️ Implementing Azure App services

  • Azure Web Apps overview ( PaaS)

  • Deploying and Managing Web Apps

  • Azure App Service plan

  • Azure Deployment slots

  • App Service Security

  • Serverless computing concepts

  • Azure Web Apps for scale and resilience

  1. ➡️ Implementing Azure Active Directory

    • Azure Domain services.

    • Azure Active Directory overview.

    • Deploy and configure Active directory.

    • Create and manage users and groups.

    • Extending On-premise Active directory to Azure.

    • Configure Azure AD connect.

    • Role based access control (RBAC) overview.

    • Configure domain users and groups to access Azure portal.

  2. ➡️ Implementing Azure-based management and automation

    • Implementing Azure Automation.

    • Implementing Automation runbooks.

    • Managing Azure Automation.

    • Creating and Managing Azure DSC.

  3. ➡️ Designing and developing apps for Containers

    • Virtual Machine vs Containers.

    • Install and configure Docker Engine.

    • Deploy and manage Containers.

    • Deploying container images using Azure Container Instances(ACI).

    • Introduction to Azure Kubernetes Services(AKS).

    • Creating Azure AKS Cluster.

    • Deploying application on AKS.

  4. ➡️ Configure Diagnostics, Monitoring, and Analytics

    • Azure Monitoring and alerts configuration.

    • Log analytics.

    • Insights virtual machines and network.

    • Insights applications and containers.

  5. ➡️ Azure Migrate projects and customer billing optimization

    • Azure Migration projects.

    • Recovery services vaults.

    • Azure Database migration services.

    • Azure cost calculator.

    • Azure price optimization.

  6. ➡️ Azure NAT Gateway CDN WAF

    • Deploy Azure NAT Gateway for Private Subnets.

    • Deploying CDN for Web Applications.

    • Deploy Web Application Firewall for Securing Web Applications.

  7. ➡️ Introduction to Infrastructure as a Code(IaaC)

    • Understanding JSON files.

    • Introduction Azure Resource Manager Templates(ARM).

    • Deploying ARM Templates from Azure Powershell & Azure Portal.

    • Using ARM Functions and Dry Run with Powershell 7.0

    • Working with ARM Template Modes.

    • Deploy basic Azure Infrastructure with Terraform

    • Azure Image management with Packer.

  8. ➡️ Understanding Azure DevOps

    • Learning Azure DevOps application/tool.

    • Creating KANBAN boards.

    • Creating Repos and branches

    • Installing 3rd Party Plugins

    • Building software packers with Azure DevOps Build Pipelines.

    • Deploying infrastructure using Release Pipelines.

    • Azure integration with Service Pipelines.

    • Integrating with 3rd Party Clouds and Applications using Plugins.

    • Developing YAML Pipelines with Stages.

    • Working with Secrets & Securefiles

    • Complete CI/CD Pipeline with Azure DevOps.

  9. ➡️ Azure Functions & Logic Apps

    • Understanding Azure functions.

    • Creating and executing Azure Functions.

    • Creating Logic Apps and executing.

    • Introduction to Azure API Management.

  10. ➡️ Azure Management & Governance

    • Understanding Azure Policies for Compliance & Governance.

    • Understanding Azure Management Groups.

    • Azure Landing Zone & Cloud Adoption Framework.

    • Extending Azure Governance using Azure Arc.

By far things planned to learn are overhelming for me too, Lets try breaking each of these at our best, peice by peice.